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Why students should wear uniforms

All over the world students are waking up and putting on uniforms. This is a regular part of most of the children in world routines, but not in America. Uniforms would solve many of America's schooling issues. Millions of students get up in the morning and stress tremendously about what they are going to wear for the day. Furthermore, millions of children are bullied everyday based on their clothing. This could all be changed if everyone wore uniforms. Uniforms are a perfect solution to many problems schools face. They are also an impeccable solution for parents who can’t afford popular clothing. If everyone wore the same thing everyday nobody would be picked on for their clothing. In addition to this, nobody would be distracted by clothing. Uniforms should be mandatory in all schools because it reduces bullying, saves money, and increases grades.
Uniforms drastically reduce bullying in schools. One of the main causes of bullying is because of someone's physical appearance, but if everyone was dressed the same this would not occur. Bullies tend to focus on the attire of their victims, and in the event that they were wearing the same uniform they couldn’t do that. Students also tend to feel like they fit in more when wearing matching uniforms. 79% of students believe that uniforms reduce cruelness and help them fit in at school (trute x btru 2u).
Every kid wants the latest styles, but many of the popular brands at the moment are very pricey. Therefore, That means that either the kid will have to spend their hard earned money on it, or their parents will have to. Uniforms, on the other hand, are a much more frugal option. On average, the costs of uniforms per year is around $300 . The average cost of regular outfits per year is about $600 (yes for school uniforms). Uniforms are much more cost effective for parents in the long run.
Uniforms also improve school grades. Many students wear distracting clothing with inappropriate words, phrases, or wear an inappropriate size. This is a large distraction for other students. Furthermore, if students decided to wear something uncomfortable they would be distracted by that all day long. If students can not focus on the information being taught their grades will start to decline. Uniforms, on the other hand, are not distracting. They are a comfortable alternative to everyday clothing.
When students are wearing uniforms they all look put together. They match each other and look like they are apart of an organization. When someone comes on to a school property where uniforms are in use, and they are not in said uniform, they will stick out like a sore thumb. In the event that someone was trying to cause harm to a school and they were not in uniform, people could easily spot them out and remove them from school property. This could help save millions of kids lives.
Uniforms also make schools safer. When a school in Long Beach, California started using uniforms reports of assault and battery decreased by 34%, assault with a deadly weapon down by 50%, fighting by 51%, sex offenses by 74%, robbery dropped by 65%, possession of weapons down by 52%, possession of drugs went down by 69%, and vandalism was lowered by 18% (Sciarappa). Many gangs also use their clothing to identify themselves. A study done by a school in Nevada showed that students though gang activity was down by 41 percent (Nevada Today). Uniforms would diminish this possibility. Some students may also try to bring weapons into school by hiding them in baggy clothing. Uniforms are not baggy and students will be unable to hide anything in them.
Uniforms also save time. Every morning kids spend very much time just picking out their outfit. This issue could be solved if your outfit was already picked out for you . They also save time at school. Teachers spend too much time dress coding students for there inappropriate outfits. Uniforms are not inappropriate at all and will cause no need for dress coding by teachers.
An opposer would say that uniforms diminish creativity in teens, but this is simply not true. Students could express themselves with pins or other jewelry that fit into their dress code, or even do their hair in a fun way. Students promote their creativity in many more ways than just their clothing. Students can participate in extracurricular activities that help them express their true selves.
Furthermore, students can wear whatever they want outside of school, which is most of their lives. Students will eventually need to learn how to follow a dress code. Most jobs in today's society have a dress code, which their employees have to follow if they want to work there. Uniforms are teaching them early what they need to do to succeed.
In conclusion uniforms are extremely helpful for all schools. They reduce bullying by eliminating the main cause of it. They are a much more frugal option for parents because they are much cheaper than regular clothing. Uniforms also increase grades by removing the distraction of uncomfortable or inappropriate clothes. They also do not do away with creativity in students as others against uniforms would say. Uniforms provide a structure nothing really else can. They do so much to help school districts and keep schools a safe and enjoyable environment.
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